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Burberry makeup: reviews, opinions, swatches

The line of luxury is about to arrive in the Sephora perfume , for this reason we decided to introduce a review with and evidence of some of the leading products of the cosmetics London.

make up Burberry will debut in Sephora perfume to September 2015 and lovers Makeup extra luxury they are not in the skin, just like us!

 make up burberry


The range comprises a multitude of Burberry products for the base face, including primers, concealers and foundation for all tastes, but also beautiful palette of eyeshadows , cream blush and powder, lipstick, lipgloss, enamels, Mascara , eyeliner and much more.

Among the proposals Burberry beauty to discover close Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base , a makeup base luminous effect, one of the lipsticks range Burberry Kisses , in red, and Bold Lash Mascara formulated to achieve long eyelashes, bulky and curved.

 make up burberry Italy


The packaging of products from Burberry makeup is super stylish. It has a mirror effect and is characterized by a tartan pattern matching tones , typical of the fashion house in London.

The design is boxy and modern, simple and chic, perfectly in line with classic Burberry classic but perfectly modern .


Red, elegant and intriguing is the lipstick Burberry 109 Military Red . It is a classic cold red, intense and vibrant, characterized by a gloss finish.

red lipstick burberry make up

The manufacturer calls it a lipstick modulated , perfect for a natural one pass lightly but perfectly stratificabile for one more intense and spectacular.

Inside are extracts of tea, lavender and rose hips , and as indicated by Burberry should provide up to six hours of hydration, a feature that I actually found: lipstick Burberry Kisses well hydrated lips, and long!

 red military burberry kiss 109

The color is full and intense. It is laid out in a simple and flawless: allows to define very precisely the contour of the lips, without the need to use a pencil. Although it is a very glossy lipstick and finish slippery The product ‘Defeather’ going to score the lip, which is why I recommend him to the older women.

 burberry red lipstick 109 military red

The intensity of the color you can clearly see from the swatch and the application on the lips.

 burberry red lipstick 109 military red

 Lipstick Burberry

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Being a particularly soft texture and moisturizing I will definitely be more suitable for the cold period : the intense color illuminate the complexion ‘off’, the formula will hydrate and will fill lips , while the gloss finish is super trendy!

BOLD LASH MASCARA (price 32 €)

‘Volume multidimensional’ instead for mascara Burberry Bold Lash Mascara that according to the brand is designed to give volume , definition and length to lashes.

 Mascara burberry

The Bold brush Lash has an interesting conical designed by Burberry to ‘capture effortlessly each lash from root to tip ‘.

The formula is quite dense and full-bodied, able, for this reason, to donate a beautiful, rich texture to the eyelashes, which immediately acquire volume and body.

 burberry mascara

I really appreciate this mascara to the texture constructible that is not form but lumps and volume, pretty good. The color is very intense and vibrant, perfect for enhancing even the make up more strong!


Here we have a very bright makeup base, which can be applied before foundation , mixed according to their favorite face, the eye shadow to make them super or shimmer on the cheekbones, eyebrows and cupid’s bow for give volume and light.

The color is pink, semi transparent pearl, with tiny glitter that melt on the skin and disappear, giving a luminous effect. the fact that it is so bright I love it, because it reflects the style of the runway looks Burberry , known bright and super chic.

 bright makeup base burberry

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base illuminates the skin and Therefore optically camouflages imperfections , making the complexion more ‘young’ and glowy, an effect that definitely do not recommend to those who have oily skin, but I find really essential those with the dry skin, normal or ‘mature’ and want to make it shine.

The basic face Burberry is definitely expensive, but I can really be worth: l ‘effect is beautiful!


In the picture you see all the products work!

Burberry makeup


As mentioned earlier, the Burberry makeup products will be available for purchase from September 2015 in all perfumeries Sephora Italy.

 trick Burberry autumn winter

There inspires makeup Burberry ? I find the line really very beautiful and I am looking forward to buy the palette of eye shadows in this range and also a foundation to create a total look autumn !

If you love this brand for its line of fashion, do not miss the collection Burberry clothing for the winter , which is really delicious!


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