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Bags Armani Fall Winter 2015 2016: Photo

Change the season and also we have a desire for change, for something new, and what aim? On handbags , of course!

The fashion accessory of the most loved by women, matched perhaps only by the shoes! How about taking a look at one of the collections that we await with interest the most? We discover the line autumn 2016 of handbags

Giorgio Armani founded the fashion house of the same name in 1975 to Milan , where it is still headquartered, and is a brand that since its inception has been synonymous with refinement , quality and innovation. Never dull and extremely sober and chic , the creations of the brand are among the most popular in the industry, and not by chance.


The collection that we are going to taste us as always retains its elegant allure and unsurpassed very classic , is characterized by models of various types including shopper, hand bag, clutch, mini and lead to shoulder, all declined in dark colors and neutral .

Armani handbags fall winter 2015 2016

Skin and high quality fabrics are as usual the sound foundations of underpinning the creativity of the brand, if you do not want to miss these latest from Armani look with us photo of the catalog and discover all the details!


Made of fine leather saffiano print, this iconic beige shopper Giorgio Armani has a clean and sober. With beautiful red interior color contrast, the model is light and practical, great for the day and for the job, even though his compact at the same time soft and makes it versatile and perfect every opportunity (price of € 750.00).

Armani beige bag

Bring your arm, shoulder or hand-embellished with gold trim and has a clutch Removable inside.

bag beige Armani fall winter

Bags Armani autumn winter

blue bag Armani photo is part of the newest line of Charnière Doree, shopper minimal proposals in 6 different colors. Saffiano leather texture, this establishment is equipped with two handles with metal details in view of the base, is soft and roomy, with inside zip pocket and pouch included (cost of € 750.00).

blue Armani Exchange

Armani bag blue leather

This is version brown with gold highlights , a model slightly deeper and wider but the same throughout the rest of the blue bag (sold at € 790.00).

brown Armani Exchange 2015

Made entirely by hand by craftsmen of the Italian fashion house, the black bag shopper is characterized a front face rigid, and a perfect shape. With its clean lines, yet feminine, handles adjustable via buckles and great functionality, this creation Saffiano leather is chic and rigorous (available at 1,550.00 Euro).

black Armani shopper


Among the models to carry by hand, the new collection Armani 2016 It indulges and offers so many options. The black bag we see in the image can also be carried on the shoulder or across the body thanks to the removable belt, it is in textured leather with double handle and also double-zip, with two separate internal compartments (for sale in 1390 , € 00).

blue bag at the top is soft and illuminated by metal details, with snap closure, removable shoulder and feet on the bottom (available at € 1,350.00 ). Same shade for the blue bag down, calfskin and the front is very similar to the shopper black (price € 1,250.00).

red handbag Armani has the same features, but a more rounded design off (cost € 1390.00).

Armani trunk autumn winter 2015 2016

Print coconut for black bag calfskin with glossy finish, with lines very boxy, double handle and latch (for sale to 1,590.00 Euro).

Black bag Armani crocodile

The interiors are lined three compartments separate, one with zipper.

Armani black bag

tote bag black Armani top left is a small medium model in calfskin with double handle, adjustable shoulder strap and front design classic line (cost 1.250,00 Euro). And ‘much like the black bag at the bottom right, with softer shapes and large (price of 1.390,00 Euro).

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It takes distances black bag at the top right, less rigid and sharp lines, with the outer wings and double zip. The handles are not adjustable, the metal closure illuminates the surface otherwise monochrome (available at € 1,390.00). We also see it in the blue version .

Handbags Armani fall winter 2015 2016

It differs a bit ‘from the forms proposed so far, the white bag Armani to carry by hand is a model Charnière Doree small lizard made unique by working with details and tonal suede sides. With stitching that form rectangular sections, creating closes magnet and is equipped with pins on the bottom (cost € 3400.00).

Armani white purse python

white handbag snakeskin Armani

The interiors are completely in suede , and offer a stylish zippered pocket.

python Armani Exchange 2015 2016

Let’s look at a couple of models that incorporate the front again divided into quadrants with buttons in matching color, design we have already met in the creations that we have observed to date. The golden handbag Armani has a laminate, is calf leather and is equipped with double-adjustable handle and removable shoulder strap (price € 850.00).

Armani bag Metallic

This handbag black is proposed in the same design, but in this case the field below is a handy outside pocket. Super original and interesting interiors of the model, with an accordion sides, zip pocket and red color contrast (price € 1,295.00).

Leather black Armani

Armani fall winter 2015 2016 bags

Among the trends for next season we are certainly the bucket bags . This model is black calfskin completely covered and illuminated by mini round studs, the handle is single and the latch. It ‘also equipped with a detachable shoulder strap and interior lining (cost 1.990,00 Euro).

Bucket bag Armani

studs Armani Exchange


Among the clutch and shoulder bags Armani immediately see the black handbag Smooth leather, with a classic and refined, ideal for special occasions. Crafted with metal details, characterize this bag are the clean lines and clean design, making it a timeless. The removable shoulder leather is a detail that completes and enriches the whole, along with the internal lining and pockets with zip (price of 950.00 euros).

Armani black clutch

Bags Armani internal

In this quartet we show you a bit ‘of color, and we begin with the yellow strap calfskin garnet, with buckle closure and two internal compartments separated (for sale at € 990.00). The shoulder strap incorcia skin and the chain. The red handbag Armani leather saffiano, very simple, closed with a snap closure and with comfortable interior compartments (cost 450.00 Euro).

Beautiful black clutch envelope with decorative detail golden metal that constitutes the latch. The interior is open to accordion and have a zippered pocket (available at € 1,350.00). It ’rounded young and the shoulder white Armani, textured leather, with classic design and a double zippered opening (price € 620.00).

shoulder Armani fall winter 2015 2016

We conclude with a real touch of class, the fine black clutch evening , smooth leather and rectangular shape. The model, with zipper and magnet, provides a comfortable double inside pocket and is embellished by metal finishes such as the elegant shoulder strap (cost 980.00 Euro).

Armani black clutch 2015

Line Armani handbags fall winter


If you want to buy the beautiful Armani handbags autumn winter, you can already find them in all the boutiques brand, or you can buy them online through. Visit it also to find the nearest stores and to learn about the Prices and Details you need!

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You were struck by the new Armani bags? What do you think?

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