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Long curly hair: 25 fantastic hairstyles to do at home!

curly hair exude the charm, without question, the problem comes when you have to take care ; tame becomes an action movie from, because the curly hair is basically rebellious and when it falls moisture tends to become very frizz. Nevertheless, if we can learn to treat them without excessive effort, show off our long curly hair, soft and bright .

What do I need for these hairstyles for long curly hair

You must be certain to have available:

  • Spray
  • Moisture Mask for
  • Doe
  • Elastic
  • hairpins

What we must always remember to take care of our long curly hair (they are the same thing) it is: protect your hair if they are exposed to the sun and then the raggi ultraviolet , when we wash them we always use a shampoo suitable for curly and nutritious, remember to use the balm and a special moisturizing mask because they nourish, eliminate frizz and we avoid the use of the dryer too often. Let’s see how we can r ealizzare these fantastic three hairstyles for our long curly hair .

We create a bun

Prey bell’elastico a and we form a queue half-height , but should be soft, so do not pull the hair too. Then we take a strand tailed freshly made and arrotoliamola , then go to the end of this scroll lock and taking it between two fingers, pull the hair of greater length: you will have the formation of a bun small enough . Agganciamolo in the head with a bobby pin.

This operation is repeated many times with many locks that will remain in the queue for the formation of many small chignon , each of which secured with its hairpin. We will have achieved such a cute bun easily oysters with long curly hair.

We create a pompadour hairstyle

pompadour hairstyle is easy to implement: It would be sufficient if only the hairpins to keep fixed, but we start from the concept of not being of professional and use a rubber band. First of collect all the hair and carry it back , in the neck, half-height or, if you want more volume, even as high as . Just let your hair before free . We set her going all the hair back with hairpins and then sbizzarriamoci following our rices and our creativity to fix the strands before as we see fit.

The braid: another solution for long curly hair

curly hair

Another great hairstyle for those with long curly hair is definitely the braid . First we brush her going hair and ammorbidiamoli with a cream . Then bring them all to the side where you want the braid and spartiamoli into four sections, all the same, and then we begin to make the braid. Once finished, the fix with a rubber band .

A good alternative is to make a small braid , fixing it around the neck, for then leave all other loose hair . Or, still, let them loose entirely, so, by spraying a bit ‘of foam (from dry) we get a result for soft curls, then rolled up the locks on large curlers with paper and asciughiamoli the hair dryer for a few minutes, waiting for them to cool. Finally we remove the curlers and we shape your hair with your fingers to give it our style we prefer.

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