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Curly hairstyles 2016: a guide to getting the best!

hairstyles are read, disheveled youth. But not only. And in order to understand more about what might be the main trend of hair urchin to show off in the first half of the year, and in the next, we have chosen to spend a long deepening the theme, all accompanied with our usual photo gallery, can give you many ideas of style, and many ideas of evaluation for a potential change of policy.

Tousled for ever


Let’s start with a fact that the present state of things, it seems incontrovertible: to win, in 2016, will certainly be the effect disheveled, which will therefore women will enhance their looks, giving the green light to curly blaring. It is a must that not only affects the hairstyles curly 2016 , but that has largely focused on the curls of the last few seasons and, in particular, those of winter 2015 .

Note also that the effect disheveled is certainly a prerogative of tendenza Curly hair . If you follow us for some time you know very well how important it is that the effect easy and disheveled can be replicated in other types of hair (from smooth to rough, from short to long): we’ll talk about in other locations, in order to please all women who have curly hair and can not satisfy their curiosity in this focus!


Ricci cascade

Introduced above, remember that, of course, the” disheveled “does not apply to all women, and – most importantly – not all the designers seem be very likely to leave the case to the nature and shape of the foliage. Some of them (such as Jean Louis David) has such focused efforts and attention on curly sensual and well defined, they can fall cascading over his shoulders and back.

In order to facilitate the achievement of a similar style , in addition to a cut should be produced by your hairdresser of greater confidence, it is possible to proceed to the application of specific products and ad hoc treatments, such as those without rinsing, the lines fitting, mousses, and so on.

Ricci pixie cut

As we know all our most loyal readers, curly hair are not only exclusive of hair largest (indeed!) . The pixie cut, for example, can be performed easily in one of the trends of reference in the “hedgehog”: simply proceed a short cut which leaves “space” to the formation of curls. The result will look in motion. A rough that will not betray in any occasion, from the most common to the most important.


How make curly hair (at home)

Not all women are provided with curly hair “natural”. For some women it is a particularly complex point of call, and the starting point (smooth or slightly rough) may not favor such a move to go. Fortunately, in this case, there are many tools that can help us to move to the hedgehog, placing us away from figures lean on the aesthetic front.

For example, on the market you can find some essential accessories such as the curling irons, easy to use, with handles athermal, and able to make customizable and flexible own look through the choice of the amplitude of the curls, and their level of complexity. It may also have recourse to the old and dear curlers, now proposed in self-heating electric version, in order to give a perfect look, even at home, in a few minutes. Including on the curlers, it is worth mentioning that you could buy some more appropriately model more flexible and modern, which can help locate the right size for the style of the moment.

If you wish, you can try to get a hedgehog effect (or, at least, very moved) through the cd “Tousled Bed-Head”. This is an easy technique and practice, which we discussed in the past, and which involves the construction of a rough imperfect simply collecting hair in a torchon, and sleeping over it. The natural effect disheveled will be guaranteed!


The curly hair really do for me?

final phase, we can only wonder whether curly hair really do – or not – for all women . It is a question of “a million dollars” (or Euros!) And is very difficult to try and provide a concrete and practical in a few lines.

First, if you have the natural curly hair , there’s nothing better than to take advantage of their specific characteristics, rejecting the temptation to try a smooth: according to the type of hair, the search for the perfect smooth it would be impossible and, moreover, would be a shame to waste a natural hair so attractive!

If you have straight hair or slightly wavy, the transition to the hedgehog might be easier compared to what could happen in reverse. As we saw a few paragraphs ago, enough to stock up on products and curling governing available to a few tens of euro on the market, and manage them as directed by your hairdresser.


That said, the curly hair can still be shaped at will. So try to share with your hairdresser the opportunity to remove them and scale appropriately. The goal of style should be to achieve a feeling of lightness and dynamism: therefore, to ban all styles that encumbers the figure, especially if they are not managed properly by scaling in areas that “count”.

As for the coloring, Also curly hair can lend itself to many light modes that in recent months we have seen with particular reference to straight hair . It’s up to you, again, try to find the best solution, remembering that the trend for 2016 seems to prefer the tones more dynamic and less homogeneous, more shining and less opaque. Since plenty of choice seems characteristics (also) this area of ​​style, it only has to look carefully at our photo gallery and find out whether it can be found in useful contributions to invigorate your hair in a 2016 which – we are sure – will give you lots of satisfaction!

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