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35 cuts short curly hair: saucy, funny and original!

A nice cutting short will do just for you. And if you want it to be too nice and original as well as comfortable, think of the short curly hair . So do not be afraid of the changes and tries to find the cutting short curly hair that suits your face (its form, especially!). Remember that there is no form of face that does not have a short hair cut curly that can not enhance it.

The different short haircuts curly

 curly short hair

Here we propose some of curly short hair that eventually will raise the annoying problem of having to tie your hair when the sun and the heat will replace the intense cold of the winter season because otherwise the alternative would be an equally annoying sweat caused by long hair leaning you and cover the neck and shoulders. The cuts that we offer are all “fresh” , saucy and, above all, very easy to manage.

Our curly short hair cuts: originality and creativity

Frizzantini and winking are really many of our haircuts corti curly , in fact, contrary to common thought, curly hair can really earn so much “added value” for quite a short cut, is very short (the boy) to boyish orientation, less short, for example, a long bob if that best fits our face, rather than to our personality.

carefully Browse our gallery and you know all the cuts of the trendiest short curly hair next spring / summer 2016.

If you already have natural curly hair, close the drawer all your shyness and dare a nice short cut or very short , have faith: it will be very sexy and glamorous , will make special your look and add personality to your hair style. Do not EVER forget that “the curl” has always been synonymous with sensuality, voluptuousness and femininity.

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