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Straight scaled: volume and movement to straight hair

It ‘a very versatile method because it is applicable on any length of hair and offers solutions for all hair types, from the most subtle to the bigger ones . The straight hair offer, ultimately, a viable alternative cuts to create trendy and in particular those who have hair perfectly smooth.

scaled to any lengths

As we wrote above , straight hair are scaled a very valid solution for all lengths of hair, each of which is a variation best suited to look more pleasant. Here are some examples.

Straight scaled: volume and movement to straight hair

Straight scaled: short cuts

One of the most famous and trendy cuts for short hair, the pixie cut, and that must necessarily start from a base of the hair smooth or, at most, just moved, has among its features, in fact, straight hair on the nape scaled. One of the most frequent members of the “world of pixie”, Jennifer Lawrence, puts a lot of emphasis to this scaling accentuating the most of the difference between the dark color of the hair of the base and that much clearer the locks placed higher . With regard to another version of the pixie cut, namely the “long pixie”, Michelle Williams opts to scale up the hair of all lengths.

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Straight scaled: volume and movement to straight hair

Straight scaled: the cuts average

January Jones instead proposes a scaling less pronounced on its cutting medium length straight hair, fringes because this solution makes it a little ‘lighter than a bob maybe a little’ too classic, with the parted in the middle . Emphasizing, however, scaling back the level of the neck, Julianne Hough cools a bit ‘more of the look.

 Straight scaled: volume and movement to straight hair

Hair smooth scaled: cuts long

The long cut is still the one that allows the greatest freedom to create . Climbing slightly on the hair smooth aplomb you can give an air lighter styling, and the effect is always chosen and proposed by Michelle Hunziker. On the contrary, climbing so much more intense, but also more gradually, as if choosing to Jennifer Lopez, will be much more “steam” to straight hair scaled .

Straight scaled: volume and movement the straight hair

Straight scaled: be also original

To get a effect more original , a short bob, for example what she wears Karile Kloss, can draw vitality from irregular scaling, obtaining a length of straight hair climbed higher on one side than the other. Another very original effect is what gets Sienna Miller creating a gradient extremely accentuated the strands of hair longer and shorter ones .


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