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Cuts VIPs, 20 bob famous not to be missed!

New insight for short hair, a lengths of our favorite, and one of stylistic approaches that can best ensure the highest satisfaction to all women who have chosen to change “life” through a clean break with the past, and the introduction on their heads one short hair style that can ensure a flawless look, convenient, customizable, easy to manage.

In short, a rich set of benefits that we are confident that you will want to get in everyday life, including through a cue evaluation offertovi from our photo gallery today: many shots “stolen” to celebrities from around the world, that you could easily wear.


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What the bob and, more generally, all short haircuts (the pixie on!) is a landmark particularly popular with celebrities from all over the planet , not d ‘ Besides new. It suffices to leaf through any fashion magazine, or any glossy magazine, to see how popular the haircuts bob short , and how easily adaptable to any face and any preference of creativity.

Of course, considering that the world of short hair is sufficiently large and diverse in order to meet any need (from the most simple to the most eccentric) our advice can only be to approach this “world” with a little ‘of caution and attention, maybe confidandovi with your hairdresser, and choosing only the best features on your style.

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