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The cut of the moment? The Lob!

So what is the lob and who is right? The lob is a bizarre end of Anglo-Saxon origin who contracts the two words long bob, or the long bob. Adopted penalty actresses who populated cinemas in recent months, by Sienna Miller (who does not miss a beat!) All in brown colossal Clint Eastwood American Sniper, until Emma Stone, beautiful muse of Woody Allen in The Magic Moonlight, the long bob seems to have fascinated the glamorous world of Hollywood and then is going to land in our lives every day.

The lob has significant advantages both in aesthetic and functional nature.

First, this cut cranes his neck and gives effect ‘swan’ immediately visible. Secondly pulls the face and makes the features lighter, even the most obvious ones. The frames then lob the face gently but is less demanding than a helmet clearly defined, as sweetens lengths to shoulders. This cut suits both women with hair full-bodied, that people who have thin hair, because there are no scaling and cutting proves simply equal.

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The extra touch? The lob can be led with the middle row and then attired in a somewhat ‘wild as it wants the trend of the season, or held strictly with a lateral line, which defines more sophisticated face and proves so easier to show off at every opportunity. The look wants to tack toward the staid? So go ahead at low chignon or tails with applications retinas or hairpieces, the lengths are. You love more sporty look? The tail can be performed by head and coiffed with a small bun, choice.

As for the color tones that go great with the lob they are almost all from brown declined every nuance up the blond. It goes great with the lob even the red, especially the intense, as the half-measure damping effect femme fatale and makes it more accessible. The lob gives, finally, to women who have gray hair, because it reveals a smart cut, easy to wear and very sophisticated if the lengths are stretched with a flat iron.

The lob is therefore proposed as a Cutting suitable both for winter, as it protects the neck, both for hot seasons, as it can be easily collected or combed to leave uncovered the face, and then allows the skin to breathe. Delicious if brought with fabric accessories as they want the latest trends, the lob is well with thin circles and with applications of hairpins. In short, it is a real passe partout, who can convince even more undecided women!

The cut of the moment? The Lob! 18 photos to share!
The cut of the ? The Lob! 18 photos to !


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