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Courteney Cox Expresso Long Wavy Hairstyles

Cox long hairstyle : the amazing style and fun is soft shiny curls to her shoulders added throughout the mid lengths to ends to bring the fashionable style movement and shape and teased the hair roots to create the superior height and lift.

The soft waves are easy to obtain. Curl your hair in loose curls and waves with a large curling iron, hot rollers. Pull a part of hair and position your hair ends at the base of the curling cylinder and then wrap your hair up around the cylinder to half length. Keep your hair for about a few seconds and then release it doing hair back. Create a central part to frame the charming face. Leave the hair sitting on the shoulders showcasing the sexy length

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Courteney Cox Hairstyling
Length: .:
long type : wavy
hair Color : black

Courteney Cox Expresso long wavy hairstyles 2013
Image Courteney Cox Expresso long wavy Hairstyles – Wiki: Courteney Cox

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