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Billboard Music Awards 2016 Hairstyles and looks

After the delicate Cannes Film Festival, it’s time to make the with Awards celebrity hairstyles and appearances, which they sure are much more daring and extravagant than the French Riviera. Overall musical events usually are full of artists able to relax and put the looks they like, crazy outfits, make up amazing and extraordinary haircuts. However. 2016 hair trends set long before the natural looks of the sport, that’s why this year all events are full of famous people in natural looking, with a tendency half parts and Bob cuts and colors of authentic hair.

 best billboards hairstyles 2016

The billboards are now excluded. The red carpet – which was actually pink – hosted celebrities elegant appearance, certainly many outfits were a way too sincere, but that reflected the spirit of the event. Well, enough talk better go see celebrity hairstyles images from 2016. billboards

Celebrity updo hairstyles

signature Ariana Grande High ponytail Ciara Friges hairstyle billboards 2016 Jessica Alba High top node 2016 billboards

Updos Music Awards were not very impressive indeed. Ariana Grande was with her sky tail affirmation of riding high, some other uniforms were loose center ponytail, the only aspect that has managed to surprise was sumo knot of Jessica Alba. Some seasons before they came int fashion and have not been seen for a while ‘, and now revived. Cute!

  Lucy Hale elegant center part

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we know that Lucy has adopted a bib short cut, but look how she managed to bring a center parted elegant hairstyle that ends in a low chignon. I really like. And then, slick mid parties seem to be quite fashionable this summer, both on catwalks and red carpets, and in real life of ordinary people.

haircuts Bob billboards 2016

Demi Lovato bob haircuts Declaration 2016  Rihanna billboards 2016

does not it could be no haircuts bob popular for sure. The Popularity bob peak seems to have been reached. And yet, every time we see more and more celebrities with these short haircuts. bob straight Demi Lovato was impressive, but what surprised most was informal and very natural wavy bob Rihanna. It’s not a wig?

Celebrity long hair loose 2016

center Zendaya parted long hair

After seeing Zendaya with that hairstyle perfect bowl at the Met Gala 2016, seeing it now with long central part is a bit ‘strange. However, we know that she is the only one who can masterfully use wigs and change appearance, the number two after RiRi suppose. It looks fine and delicate with apricot dress and half part as straight.

Rebecca Romjin side wavy hairstyles  straight hairstyles Laverne Cox center Idina Medel parted long hair

No matter what the trends are sporty, there are always people that faith melted in the long hairstyles. Side swept and center parted long hair filled the posters and all eyes were both classy and bold enough for such an event.


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