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3 hair styles of Christina Aguilera

knows exactly how to wear this simple bob to create a new twist on vintage Hollywood glamor look! The hair color is appealing because it is a whole head in a soft, golden blonde shade.

And this is a humorous reference to the Golden Globe Awards frequents here. The lateral separation adds attractive asymmetry with a nice, long curve of blonde, hugging one side of the face. The other side is in style behind an ear, revealing a diamond pendant earring glamorous and beautiful profile of Christina!

Christina layered long Haircut

Here’s a closer look at haircut ‘biker chick’ Christina in platinum blonde, messy layers. The hair is styled to show his face and beautiful blue eyes as he falls casually over his shoulders.

The shadow allover blonde, no dark roots makes this a more ‘street’ and less ‘hairdresser designer’ of all versions carefully highlighted. This degree of easing of long hair is not going to give a glossy finish and this style is intended to create an entirely ‘dressed-down’.

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Christina Aguilera Long : thick wavy hairstyle

Here Christina with a bleached blonde look urban chic in platinum blonde for maximum impact

The hair is slightly layered with shaping! the ends and tapered ends by adding thin consistency. . The look is casual with a separation wrong and hair arranged in strands defined by a corrugated structure to look ‘messy’

 Christina Aguilera Long Hair


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