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Bob Short, another 20 styles to use for next December!

Yet a new study on the bob, one style bobbed hair almost universal, that during in recent months we have had the pleasure to call several times on these pages, hoping to brighten your liking, and can be a useful starting point to be able to think proactively about the possibility of change look in sight winter!

And that is why, even today, we have the great pleasure to offer you a new unmissable photo gallery with lots of ideas to be able to customize your duty bob , and make it – now more than ever – a not a weapon of seduction for all women who want to be at the height of the trends in hairstyle!

Bob is indeed a cut on which the attention of all the major hairstylists in the world have focused particularly pleasant throughout history, a strong capacity for customization and versatility that is not afraid really no comparison! The bob is indeed a look that can easily be declined on the basis of their specificity, thus enabling to all women who seek to adopt it successfully switching to this style with the right amount of satisfaction and conviction!

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For this, and for his undeniable charm, in recent months we have occupied dozens of times on this style, offering you, from time to time, the photo gallery that will support the achievement of each goal of aesthetics, and therefore is a launching base for the path of positive review of your hairstyle.

In our photo gallery, therefore, you are able to find good short bob , that can play on pleasing contrasts being scaling, marked by the right touches of color, or even some good bob more bulky with the tufts that will fall with pleasant cheekbones, going therefore to focus more attention on your eyes.

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