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Bob cut for girls of color: a new gallery!

And there is something magical, even in the short hair that immediately strikes us and we love: their hardness and the safety of the character. A short haircut, gives a pleasure and a self-confidence that one can hardly ‘experience with a long cut hair, which sometimes threatens to become tedious. Bob, the short hair cut was for sure the hair model and more popular for many years and, in recent times, we witness his bully back. Thanks also to the vintage that is so present in our lifestyles, Bob Hair Style has always been one of the most popular cuts, is returning to trend.

Used by the most famous black women, in America and in world, Bob Hair Style, strong choice of cut, in addition to returning graciousness in the face it combines elegance with head, neck and shoulders.

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We are looking for you right now the perfect look Black Girl, black girl with a short cut decided Bob . We introduce now a beautiful of images with clean cuts and a strong personality where space with the view … and with your mind, to find what could be your new cut.


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