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Bob: a fashion immortal. Let’s see how.

Capelli Bob there are some variations, from a yoke corrugated to finish that smooth can take away any whim knowing that you always have a stylish cut .

Want to change her hairstyle? Try bobbed hair!

 bobbed hair

If by chance you are looking for a new hairstyle, and you have doubts, accepted with trust Our proposal: get a nice haircut Bob! And ‘fashion is trendy, easy to manage: what more do you want from life?

So: you have made your decision to bobbed hair? Well, some follow our advice also to analyze the geometry of your face and understanding of what “fits perfectly” this cheerful, fresh and jaunty hairstyle we suggest you.

The hair Bob: a little ‘history

Italian and Italian We call them “bobbed hair”, but also the French name “yoke” and the English “bob” are very used, so it’s good to know that are exactly the same thing.

In any case which uses a term rather than another little changes: a hairstyle is very short, even if not “brush”, in the sense that length hair comes more or less to the level of the ears .

Hair Bob , or yoke, or bob, were in the past brought so much. In the twenties formed even the predominant fashion. The years go by but does not pass the fashion of the headband, in far more recently a famous French actress, who settled in Italy, Catherine Spaak has made it a must very imitated by many women.

This hairstyle was created in France with the name of yoke , in fact, even in the distant 1909. The hair stylist (hairdresser, just to stay in the country of origin ..) that had this brilliant idea was Antoine and it is said that he drew inspiration from a famous actress of the time, Luana Cowley.

But the one that determined the success of bobbed hair was an actress across the Alps, this Polaire.

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Then, in the sixties, bursts, or rather explodes fashion hair Bob and around the world, both on the runway that the streets could be seen only bobbed hair. In Italy a famous singer, Caterina Caselli, was called by everyone “Caschetto blond “. The slight decline in the following years, in favor of cuts marked by modernity, gives way in more recent times to a massive return to fashion, why, for many years bobbed hair are again a fashion portatissima, both good for elegant occasions or for those more casual.

Who, when and how?

Because of its nature as ” short hair ” quest’acconciatura Although much used in all seasons, recorded in those “hot” a success, if possible, even more .

With the bob you can “entertain” in several ways:

 bobbed hair

Some of them, for example, prefer the version” to smoothly “, some other indulges itself with a rough” stormy sea “, others wear it with a fringe in sight and those who want not. Someone dares the “bud”, and all of these examples are the clearest demonstration that bobbed hair can be customized to your liking .

Well before you cut your hair for “wear” your beautiful helmet, we see only a moment to understand who gives this cut.  bobbed hair

The hair stylist see it well” worn ” from almost any geometry of the faces , round, oval but also a little ‘square. In addition, they stress that despite being very popular among the young, is doing well on the head of older women and even the thickness of the hair is a problem.


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