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50 bob a must for this start 2016!

Bob , or bobbed hair , are one of our favorite cuts. And, of course, they are also one of the cuts preferred by Italian women. If you are wondering why, the answer is easily identifiable in many of our insights, and – more briefly – in the possibility of being able to easily model their hair in a bob short or medium , managing to renew day after day the best trends, which we are sure that we can confirm even during the next season.


But what are the bob that will go for higher during ? Plenty of choice seems to be of interest once again women more modern: just consider, for example, the possibility of using the fantastic long bob , which many women VIP have chosen to adopt as they look to the main reference. It is a choice that can help women who have long hair not to abandon their usual look but, in contrast, will give a new vitality to the hair. Will be enough to climb the hair in the best way to identify the best possible elegance.


Of course, if do not like bob long , light to those short! The helmets may in fact less extensive dare more than bob traditional , giving a touch of personality, especially if combined with sidecut or undercut women and saucy.

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As for the main “elements” that you should weigh in choosing your look with bob , a sign of particular merit should be attributed to the fringe, an accessory for many years the center of attention of the leading hairstylists world, and that may well be revived even during first part of 2016 in a long, short, asymmetrical, full, more minimal and anything else your creativity will be able to reserve!


Finally, one last reference to the wavy bob, that will be a perfect choice for those women who have traditionally face a heart-shaped: a bob more sophisticated alternatives that we were able to outline above, and which may represent a fundamental alternative for evenings most important and elegant.

At this point, There remains to see our photo gallery: inside you will find as many as 50 photographs ready to represent the most important initial step to renew your style. Talk with your friends and with your hairdresser, and we are certain that you will find the solution to all your needs!


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