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20 bob blacks for next season

We return today to deal with bob , and we do so with a dedicated focus to some of the best bob blacks we’ve got to look over the past months. A photo that will well serve as a starting point for your inspiration inspired revision of the style for the coming autumn and winter months.

Not only a photo gallery that, beyond the specific reference to black, will definitely enrich your beliefs on bob , one of the cuts in the last has made the ‘element of the coolest, and also one of the cuts that you are applying so convinced to be the new leader of the trends court for 2015/2016.


As a confirmation of our assessment these, we therefore launched a new gallery with 20 beautiful bob medium or short black , which you will surely decline to evaluate and customize according to your needs, ensuring you always a new hairstyle refined and appealing, you could “wear” at any time, without losing any termin of simplicity and elegance.


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Without these debts premises, also highlight that during the photo gallery that today we are pleased to show you, certainly able to understand how it is possible to approach with conviction to a fine cut bob medium or short black, a cut that – also – it requires maintenance rather limited compared to other cuts suited to women who have hair blacks, and that therefore we are sure that will bring significant benefits in terms of daily comfort with arranging their hair.


In further addition, we remember how the black bob It may well adapt to different purposes. So if you have a long face and slender able to give more volume to the sides, giving the impression of widening the face and on the other hand reducing the impression of excessive length of the head. The bob can also lend itself to the opposite result: if you have a very large face, simply pull the bob vertically in order to gain in slimness and linearity.

In short, the middle bob Short or black can be cut to suit all tastes of women who have their hair dark, and for all seasons: from summer to winter, from spring to autumn, it is always a good time to show off a cut of this type, finding and discovering a renewed sensuality and femininity, to be spent properly in the life of every day.

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