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15 Jessica Alba Bob Haircuts

In 2015, less is more when it comes to hair. Celebs are cutting long locks left and right; giving way to a new hairdo hotter: the bob. But it’s not just an old Bob. The latest iteration of the classic style comes with waves, curls, and a messy finish. We are obsessed! We are all on short hairstyle at the time. When the days are warm, it is the great way to keep cool. is the latest star to join the madness; revealing his new hairstyle on Instagram; including a selfie with the designer responsible, Giannandrea. He explained the cut as his version of the bob, “a line, textured, sharp silhouette.” We’ll see shots of the new cut when you read on. We guarantee you’ll be inspired to a large cut of your choice. Discover 15 Jessica Alba Bob .


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